Unique, Actionable Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses


We believe in the power of your dreams and hardworking entrepreneurial spirit. We have a passion for small business and work to support our community by helping small, locally-owned businesses thrive.

Brittany Lawton founded Bumble Marketing in 2016 after recognizing the lack of streamlined marketing services available to small business owners. #TeamBumble works alongside you and your internal team to develop unique, actionable marketing strategies to increase profit and achieve your goals.

  Brittany Lawton , Founder & Managing Director

How It Works

Bumble Marketing offers customized options that maximize impact and make a tangible difference in your small business. 

During your initial meeting with #TeamBumble, you'll discuss your current marketing strategies. Learning about what you're currently doing will lay the foundation from which Bumble Marketing will enhance your marketing efforts. 

#TeamBumble will design...

  • a customized suite of recommended services unique to your business needs based on the topics of conversation

  • an outline of your business' "Top 3" next steps to promote growth and continued success

We then present these ideas to you in a detailed proposal.

Learn About Services & Pricing

We highly recommend Bumble Marketing to any business looking to expand their marketing presence.
— Dr. Sheryl Drake, Albany Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

A Handful of Our Clients

#TeamBumble is proud to work with many small businesses across a variety of industries.

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