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Bumble Marketing offers customized options that maximize impact and make a tangible difference in your small business. 

During your initial meeting with #TeamBumble, we'll discuss your current marketing efforts. Learning about your current tactics will lay the foundation from which Bumble Marketing will enhance your marketing strategies. 

Your Top 3

We design and, in a detailed proposal, present a customized suite of recommended services based on the topics of conversation and outline your business' next steps to promote growth and continued success — we call this your Top 3.

Because your business is like no other, your recommended suite of services will be unique to your business' needs.

Bumble Marketing charges a monthly fee based on the services included in your selected suite. Because all packages are custom-designed to fit your business budget and goals, we cannot present a quote until after our initial meeting; however, packages typically begin at $495/month. Alternatively, Bumble Marketing offers all services on a project basis for a pre-determined and agreed upon fee.



Need something else?

If you are interested in a service not listed above, please contact us. We're willing to work with you in a variety of capacities, even those not included above. If Bumble Marketing can't provide the help you need, we're glad to recommend a trusted partner or vendor.


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